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Why choose NOAH vegan shoes from Italy?

18 July 2018 14:35:14 CEST

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Founded in 2009, NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes brings together unique Italian style and traditional craftsmanship. Our strong values for a sustainable future set us apart from the rest. At NOAH we create sustainability in the work-place and in our products. This includes respecting the environment, animals, as well as the health of our employees, making our shoes an excellent alternative to leather products. Read on to find out more about how NOAH creates outstanding designs that won’t weigh on your conscience.


NOAH offers a wide range of products made from selected innovative materials. There’s something for everyone, from casual wear to evening chic in our varied collection of shoes, sandals, booties, and accessories. Our carefully selected materials, micronappa and microsuede, are the perfect leather substitute. What’s more they’re breathable, durable, scratch and water resistant, and suitable for all allergy sufferers. Where possible we also use recycled materials. At NOAH we put the environment first. That’s why our manufacturing processes place great value upon the durability of our products and the preservation of our resources.


All of our products are made under toxic and allergy free conditions. On the odd occasion that we have to use glue (we prefer stitching) we use a water-based solvent-free glue that doesn’t contain any ingredients derived from animals. At NOAH we’ve created a sustainable environment for our employees. We support local Italian shoemakers and pay them with a fair salary. Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us, but equally so we want the people who make our shoes to be happy, too.



All of our products at NOAH are made from cruelty-free vegan materials. Our decision to forego using animal-based products, e.g. leather, was made with the well-being of all animals and the environment in mind. Livestock farming and leather tanning cause severe damage to the environment. Our shoes use an imitation vegan leather but live up, both in quality and their aesthetic, to the reputation of leather shoes.


NOAH brings together high-quality chic Italian fashion and the vision of a sustainable economy. We plan on keeping you up to date via this blog on the following topics:
- Inside information on our manufacturing procedures – where and how are NOAH shoes made? What difference do traditional shoe-making practices methods make?
- Care and maintenance of your NOAH shoes – cleaning, alternative materials, and customising techniques

- A brief history of the Italian lifestyle – shoe fit, different models, and styling combinations


NOAH – easy on your feet and your conscience!

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