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NOAH - Italian Vegan Lifestyle

The combination between style and ethics

NOAH produces footwear distinguished by superior Italian style and quality, respecting the environment, the animals and the health of who manufactures or wears them.

The collections are produced in small series, exclusively in Italian firms that guarantee fair working conditions.

Microfibre is a material very similar to leather, lightweight, breathable, water repellent, resistant to wear and hypoallergenic. By using these materials, animals' lives are saved and the environment is respected.

NOAH shoes embody a responsible lifestyle that combines the elegance of the outstanding Italian footwear design and the ecological awareness in all production phases.

Vegan shoes - several awards

The vegan shoes NOAH delight through quality, design and sustainability. For our holistic approach we have therefore been certified by PETA and the Vegan Society, and most recently received the Green Product Award.

With the purchase of a NOAH shoe you not only get a quality brand product but support a socially just and ecologically sustainable economy:

  • For the environment - sustainable and resource-efficient materials
  • For the people -  free of toxins and allergens
  • For the animals - without the use of leather


Eco-friendly chic - NOAH`s Italian vegan lifestyle 

The footwear industry has come a long way since when the environmental protection and the vegan lifestyle were directly associated with the whole grains section of health food stores and to shapeless clothes and shoes.

The energy of the “Dolce Vita“, the Italian taste and the commitment to a responsible, eco-friendly development represent the “Italian Vegan Style” of NOAH.

Our collections of vegan footwear and the manufacturing process demonstrate that  reconciling moral requests with a top quality aesthetic design is possible!

On the contrary, behind the triad “aesthetics, ethics and quality” there is a deep understanding of the socio-ecological design, which is based on the principle of “less is more”. Bearing this vision in mind, we produce quality footwear for all those who appreciate understated elegance and are committed to an environment worth living.