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Vegan shoes and boots for the cold season

Vegan winter shoes and boots for woman

NOAH’s winter collection will keep your feet warm and dry during the colder months. Choose from our assortment of stylish vegan shoes this season – featuring thick soles to protect your feet from the cold and lining made from cosy fleece or soft faux-fur for extra warmth. Whether it’s an elegant or easy-going style that you’re after, NOAH has the perfect winter shoe for all festive occasions.

NOAH vegan winter shoes come as boots, ankle boots, and sneakers. Just as for women we offer men’s winter shoes in NOAH quality: fairly produced, 100% free of animal suffering, and without the use of any material from animals. All our shoes are manufactured in Italy following traditional handcraft.

Vegan winter shoes

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  1. Sale Black
  2. Sale Black
    Vegan flat boot
    €99.00 €159.00
  3. Sale Blue
    Vegan boot
    €99.00 €149.00
  4. Sale Black
    Vegan bootie
    €129.00 €199.00
  5. Sale Brown
    Vegan winter boots
    €159.00 €189.00
  6. Sale Brown
  7. Sale Brown
  8. Sale Black
    Vegan women's bootee
    €129.00 €199.00
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Items 1-12 of 13

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