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Vegan bags for women and men

Vegan handbags

Vegan handbags from NOAH are a fashionable accessory and loyal companion. Whether it’s at the office or during your free time – a handbag needs to hold everything that is essential for survival, like mobile phones, keys and lipsticks. Our vegan bags are available in many colours – from black to a noticeable yellow ochre. That way, you always have the perfect purse for any outfit and occasion.

Vegan bags

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  1. Sale Grey
    Capri Samt
    Vegan handbag
    €159.00 €229.00
  2. Sale Beige
    Vegan backpack
    €142.00 €179.00
  3. Sale Brown
    Vegan handbag
    €149.00 €199.00
  4. Sale Black
    Vegan business bag
    €139.00 €179.00
  5. Sale Black
    Vegan handbag
    €149.00 €172.00
  6. Sale White
    Tennis bag
    €369.00 €490.00
  7. Sale White
    Tennis bag
    €289.00 €390.00
  8. Sale Wine
    Venezia Samt
    Vegan bag
    €99.00 €165.00
  9. Bestseller Black
  10. Sale Blue
    €69.00 €119.00
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The vegan bag for the office

Vegan handbags in a leather optic make a good impression on the job. Our model “Palermo” is the ideal companion for a day at the office. Thanks to its spacious interior, it has room for offices files, a tablet, pen and paper and other things that you need throughout the day. By opening the two zippers on the side, the bag offers room for even A4-sized folders. A number of small compartments on the inside guarantee order: a mobile phone can be stowed just as safely as your vehicles papers, for example. Everything is immediately accessible. “Palermo” is closed using a long zipper, as well a decorative strap and buckle. This handbag can be worn over the shoulder or elegantly carried in one hand. “Palermo” is available in classic black cognc-brown. Sparkling details and decorative seams complete this handbag’s elegant appearance. "Palermo” is a vegan bag that goes perfectly with any business outfit.

The vegan handbag for everyday adventures: Paola

Just like “Verona”, "Bari" and "Modena", “Paola” is fit for the office – especially the grey-brown microsuede or modern, brown lacquered variant. But this model can do even more! In black with small silver eyelets or in beige with golden eyelets, this bag is perfect for small undertakings, as well as long shopping sprees with friends. By adding a colourful scarf that can be slipped through the eyelet, “Paolo” at once becomes a fashionable and unique eye-catcher. The spacious handbag is – with the exception of the lacquered variant – made from lightweight and durable microsuede that looks and feels like suede leather. “Paola” is lined on the inside and features a zipper compartment and two pockets for mobile phones, keys or papers. It is closed using a magnetic closer located in the centre of the top inner rim. Four little “feet” support the bag’s solid bottom. “Paola” has two straps and can therefore be worn over the shoulder, at the wrist or even in one hand. Depending on the design, this vegan purse goes well with business and casual outfits.

Changeable accessories: vegan handbags

No matter if small or large – women don’t leave the house without a handbag. Just like our shoes, NOAH’s bags are hand-made using exclusive materials and with a lot of attention to detail. Here, too, we only use sustainable vegan materials that are free of toxins. That makes the bags lightweight, durable and especially easy to clean. During the production, we pay attention to conserving resources, as well as to sustainability and social aspects. No matter if it’s for the office or leisure time – our “Bari”, "Verona", "Modena" and “Paola” are available in different designs and colours. They have room for small purchases and folders, making it the perfect bag to have with you for every occasion. Their design is second to no leather handbag. These bags are the perfect combination of style and practicality. Conclusion: vegan handbags from NOAH are true gems that will give every outfit that little something extra and that women can wear with a clear conscience.