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Our shoes, bags and accessories are handcrafted in small scale production by traditional Italian manufactures.

The central values that guide us through the entire production and distribution process of our shoes are caring for the environment, humankind and animals. NOAH vegan shoes represent a responsible and sustainable way of life. Their exquisite design and profound comfort ensure the very best of quality and comfort in each step. Our wide range of different models are of the highest class and ethical standards.   


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Vegan shoes aren’t just a fad

Vegan shoes aren’t just a fad. NOAH is a pioneer in the vegan shoe world. Our production methods are sustainable and provide fair working conditions in Italy so that our customers get the quality they need. No animals or humans have had to suffer in the manufacturing process. Our sustainable production is essential for our future as after all, we only have one planet.

Vegan shoes - several awards

NOAH’s vegan shoes enthuse with quality, design and sustainability. We think like that, and others do as well: PETA and the Vegan Society certified our holistic concept and recently awarded us the Green Product Award. Our vegan ankle boot “Dora” was also decorated. PETA Germany awarded it the “Best Fashion Award 2014” in the category “Best Women’s Shoe.” When purchasing a shoe from NOAH, you not only get a high-quality brand with an Italian design, you also support a socially just and sustainable way of doing business: