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Methods of payment

You can choose between different payment methods for your order. For your convenience, we offer the following ways:

Prepayment/ Bank Transfer - You will receive a confirmation of your order including our payment details. You can then comfortably transfer the amount to our account. Your order will be shipped on the same day we receive the payment.

PayPal - You can choose to pay for your order via PayPal. All relevant details will be send through PayPal, saving you from having to enter the billing information, account details and recipient. You only have to confirm your own bank account details to use this method. We will ship your order as soon as PayPal confirmed the payment.

Payment by credit card – At the end of the ordering process you can choose to pay directly by credit card. Just fill out the corresponding form. We accept MasterCard as well as Visa. As soon as the validity of the card has been confirmed by Ogone Payment Services, we will ship your order and forward the payment instructions to your credit card institute.

Invoice - Repeat customers from Germany can ask for an invoice. The invoice is send along with the requested articles and can be settled after having received the complete order. Payment by invoice is not available to first time customers or customers or customers outside of Germany.