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vegan luxury shoes for men

Luxurious vegan shoes

NOAH’s large selection of vegan shoes wouldn’t be complete without luxurious footwear. Luxurious vegan shoes for men fulfill your every wish. The classic lace-ups and slip-ons point with their classic lines, premium craftsmanship and exclusive materials. These particularly high-end shoes are hand-made and give the wearer a feeling of luxury, making them a rewarding investment.

Vegan luxury shoes

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Simply superb: luxurious shoes for men

In NOAH‘s luxury segment, men can choose from four high-end and classic models. “Alessandro” and “Graziano” are exclusive lace-ups that point with their classic lines, pure form and finely sewn sole made from synthetic fibre. They are the perfect companion on the job, as well as for more elegant occasions. Both are the essence of Italian style, experienced shoemaking and pure elegance. These luxurious shoes are made from night blue microsuede and go well with a classic suit. The colour looks most elegant if it is worn not with contrasting but monochrome colours or black. “Leonardo” is a loafer in the luxury segment: the design is characterized by its unusual lines, as well as the use of the exclusive vegan materials microsuede and micronappa in black, creating a prominent contrast. The sole made from synthetic fibre is sewn and flexible, making it durable and extremely comfortable to wear. Loafer “Raffaello” is available with contrasting materials microsuede and micronappa, as well as in dark blue microsuede. Both variants have a sewn synthetic fibre sole, and are elegant and narrow in form. Luxurious vegan shoes by NOAH are the perfect fit for occasions that call for special elegance.

Elegant and the perfect fit: luxurious vegan shoes

Especially men’s shoes have to be one thing: the perfect fit. Luxurious shoes by NOAH are perfect in two ways. Thanks to their classic and timeless design, they are the perfect fit for elegant occasions, such as a visit to the theatre or opera, or to a reception. Our luxurious shoes are also made from exclusive materials with attention to detail – and all that by hand. This premium craftsmanship makes them comfortable and durable – a true luxury for your feet and a rewarding investment. With NOAH’s luxurious shoes, style conscious men can set the perfect accent and give their outfit that certain something extra. They underline their serious appearance, while being fashionable. Luxurious vegan shoes are more than just footwear; they are part of an appearance and the expression of style and trendiness.

Beauty and ethic in harmony – luxurious vegan shoes

NOAH’s luxurious vegan shoes are hand-made in Italy. We personally select the manufactories and ensure fair working conditions by regularly visiting our shoemakers. The models are an expression of Italian craftsmanship that has been perfected over generations. The Italian style and design are appreciated around the globe – “made in Italy” has become a promise to quality that NOAH will keep. Because of the premium craftsmanship and perfect fit, our luxurious shoes for men meet the highest aesthetic standards. NOAH only uses vegan materials with a percentage of recycled content, working with high-end microfibres. Micronappa, for instance, looks and feels like nappa leather. It is made by weaving polyester fibres onto a cotton structure. Microsuede is equally exclusive and resembles suede or nubuck leather. This microfiber, however, is not subject to water marks that can be a problem when wearing suede shoes. Both synthetic materials are soft and therefore comfortable to wear, while at the same time breathable and durable. They are also free from toxins that can i.e. be produced during tanning, making the shoes suitable for persons with allergies. Our luxurious vegan shoes therefor bring together beauty and ethics in perfect harmony.