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The history of NOAH

Short version told by Massimiliana Delù - Founder

I was born in Milan and it seems that fashion, art, and design went straight into my blood and became part of my life.

Growing up in the northern Milanese province of "Brianza" with other children of entrepreneurs and artisans mainly in the furniture sector, I came to know and appreciate the love, commitment, seriousness, and professionalism of Italian craftsmen. In the art school I attended, my love for the harmony of shapes and colours grew.

At the age of 14 I became a vegetarian and with time I realized that I no longer wanted to use products of animal origin, not even for clothes and shoes.

To me, the guideline that I learned as a child and that I have always tried to practice in my life: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", also applied to nature and animals and continues to do so.

Looking for a leatherless alternative to the beautiful Italian shoes I used to wear, I found that they were practically non-existent: I found only low-quality plastic shoes produced at low wages under unfair working conditions in China, and only a few models produced by an English company that did not meet my expectations of style and quality.

Therefore, the idea was to create a line of vegan shoes with a design and quality typical of Italian shoe production, known and loved all over the world.

It took us a few years to find companies willing to experiment with these new materials, which behaved differently from leather in terms of processing.

For over 13 years now, we have been working with these Italian manufacturers in a relationship characterized by respect and trust. This also characterizes the internal climate of these family-run artisan businesses.

The number of satisfied customers increases year after year, as does the product range, which now includes different types of shoes from classic-elegant to casual-sporty, as well as fashion accessories such as belts, bags, and purses, to name only the most important.

NOAH's international team works with passion in a calm, serene, and collegial atmosphere, serving customers from all over the world.

We are REAL and vital people who love to communicate. That's why we prefer to talk (and write) directly with our clients and not to delegate this beautiful task to "chatbots and phone computers".

Frequently I am asked, "Why did you choose the name NOAH?"

The reason I started this “adventure" that hasn’t been easy was the desire to be able to offer an alternative to leather shoes and thus save the lives of many animals. So, quite spontaneously, the images of NOAH and his ark came to my mind.

We are happy about every product that leaves our house and brings pleasure to many like-minded people worldwide for a long time in their lives.