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Vegan sandals for women

Vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals

Airy and lightweight – vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals are great for summer. They are the perfect footwear on a hot day and compliment any summer outfit. Whether it’s a wedge heel, a small block heel or flats – NOAH has vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals for every outfit and mood. You will definitely find the right shoe for long walks on the beach promenade and an evening date.

Vegan Sandals

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    Emma White
    Vegan sandals
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    Kim Beige
    Unisex Sandals
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    Lidia Black
    Open sandal
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    Kim Brown
    Unisex Sandals
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    Vegan slip
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Shoes with history: vegan sandals

Sandals are the oldest form of shoe known to mankind. It used to be just straps to hold the sole under the foot in place, and now they exist in all shapes, colours and styles. What remain are the flat sole, as well as the shoes airiness and levity. Sandals can be worn with shorts, a delicate maxi dress or trendy jumpsuits. NOAH’s ankle-high vegan sandal “Noemie” is made from microsuede, giving the shoe a suede look. The model is available in beige and black – two colours that are versatile and effortlessly match any outfit. Elastic inlays, a soft underlaid microsuede inner sole, and flexible outer rubber sole make this sandal especially comfortable to wear. A hinted buckle at the ankle and the straps’ dark cutting edges underline “Noemie’s” pure lines. Just as pure and elegant is “Serena,” a vegan ballerina with strap at the heel. Its pointy toes make this feminine shoe an enchanting alternative to vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals during summer.

Elegant and smart: vegan high-heeled sandals

Because of its high heel, this shoe is often considered a feminine form of the sandal. Because of its distinctive, small heel, “Gaia” – made from microsuede and available in a warm beige, elegant dark blue and classic black – is very comfortable to wear. The elastic strap at the heel makes the shoe stay in place perfectly. Worn with light fabric trousers, airy skirts or dresses, “Gaia” is fit for the office as well as the garden party. “Florina,” made from a beige-coloured, super soft microsuede, is also trendy and comfortable. This high-heeled sandal convinces with its minimalistic design, as with its comfortable five centimetre wedge heel and elastic bits at the heel-strap. If you like it even lighter, take a look at “Francesca,” available in a summery sky blue. Just like “Florina,” this peep-toe has a comfortable wedge heel. The heel’s shape is not just trendy, but a true feel-good experience for your feet. NOAH’s vegan high-heeled sandals are second to no classic high heels in terms of elegance, and will carry you flawlessly through summer.

Fashion meets sustainability: vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals

With love and attention to detail – that is how NOAH’s vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals are made in manufactories in Italy. It’s where the craft of shoemaking that has been perfected over the years meets exclusive vegan materials. For our summer footwear, we use materials with a high percentage of recycled content, such as the suede-like microsuede and nappa-imitation micronappa. We forge the use of animal products during the entire production process, paying attention to sustainability and fairness. It’s how we do our part to reduce animal cruelty, protect the environment, and cater to the need for more transparency and social responsibility. Design is just as important: our aspiration is it to consider the environment, animals and human health, while creating high-quality shoes in an Italian design. The “made in Italy” label is our promise to quality and summarises our goal. We want to show that stylish design, sophisticated craftsmanship and true quality can be achieved without using animal leather. NOAH’s vegan sandals and high-heeled sandals are not just sustainable, but are produced to a high-quality standard, harmonious in colour and shape, and stylishly elegant.