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Materials & Production

The traditional craftsmanship interpreted in an innovative way

NOAH shoes stand out for the innovative materials processed in Italian handicraft companies and for the creation of a unique combination of quality and aesthetics.

Vegan upper materials and soles


The microfibre is not only beautiful and extremely similar to leather, but it is also very lightweight, wear-resistant, breathable, water repellent and hypoallergenic. We distinguish between:

  • Micronappa is a high-quality microfibre material similar to nappa leather. It is a top-level technology product, composed of ultra-fine polyester fibres. This fabric is breathable, soft-to-touch, long-lasting, water-repellent and easy to clean.
  • Microsuede is a high-quality microfibre material similar to suede leather. It is a top-level technology product, composed of ultra-fine polyester fibres. This fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch but strong, breathable and easy to clean. Unlike suede, this material is water-repellent. 


Fabrics made of linen are of high quality: they are cooling and comfortable, durable and tear-resistant, stain-resistant, bactericidal, antistatic, and suitable for allergy sufferers. NOAH only uses fibre from organically grown flax plants. 


Our fabrics made of cotton (often mixed with linen) are also organically grown. This fibre is known for the following properties: light, comfortable, absorbent & breathable, especially skin-friendly, and low allergy potential. 

Kenaf (in the insole of the Organic Line)

Is a jute-like fibre plant that is robust, breathable, environmentally friendly, and antistatic. 

Natural latex - in the insole - and natural rubber - outsole of the Organic Line, of the models Marco/Marica and Federica.

Natural latex and natural rubber are a component of the rubber tree‘s natural milky juice and are durable, robust, antiseptic, renewable ,and water repellent.

Rubber (for most soles)

It is a mixture of natural rubber and recycled synthetic materials.

The glue used is water based and does not contain animal ingredients. Our craftsmen ensure that we do not use any animal products during the manufacturing process.

Would you like to know more about the materials NOAH uses for vegan shoes? Then we recommend our article "vegan and sustainable materials for your shoes" in our blog.

Vegan, fair & Made in Italy

To produce the NOAH footwear, we choose Italian handcrafted shoe-factories. Wise and skilful hands boasting extensive knowledge and style handed down from generations, design and manufacture NOAH footwear.  The study of the shapes and love for details are at the basis of each new model which is reviewed and re-interpreted with new, ductile and soft materials to create fine shoes with modern and trendy features.