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Frequently asked questions:


Does NOAH have any stores?

Our NOAH-Boutique is in Marktheidenfeld, we also have a few international resale outlets.


Are there any restrictions on shipping NOAH products?

NOAH delivers worldwide


How can I clean my NOAH shoes?

Our shoes are made from two materials: microsuede - similar to fine suede leather and micronappa - looks and feels like smooth leather.

Microsuede is best cleaned using a stiff brush to remove surface dirt and dust. Unlike suede leather, microsuede is not affected by water. Should your shoes need an extra clean: dampen a cloth and dab at the areas of dirt, use a dry absorbent towel to soak up any excess water and leave to dry.

Smooth micronappa material should be cleaned using a damp cloth. For harder dirt specks and stains place your shoes under running water and scrub them with a hard brush, dab the damper areas with a dry cloth and leave them to dry. Micronappa can also be polished using shoe polish.


Can NOAH shoes be waterproofed?

They can, yet they don't have to be. Micronappa is a rather water-resistant material, microsuede on the other hand, less so (but don't be afraid for water stains).


How can I return or exchange my NOAH shoes?

All NOAH products can be returned and exchanged for a new pair within 14 days of delivery. It is also within your rights to return the shoes within 14 days of delivery and request full compensation (see our exchange conditions here)


Will my NOAH shoes break in with more wear?

If the shoe comes up a little small and you only need a little extra wiggle room, then yes, the vegan materials in our shoes will break in with longer wear, the material will give a little bit and fit better to your foot over time, however, vegan materials are not as easy to break in as leather products.

This process can be sped up by dampening the shoe and wearing the shoe with thin socks inside.

If you still need the shoes to be widened then a shoe smith can help with this process.

Should your shoes be too tight then we will happily handle an exchange and send you a larger pair – your satisfaction is our priority!


What can I do if the shoes are too large?

An insole helps in most cases. Some NOAH models come with a removable insole, these could also be replaced by a special winter insole or by wearing thicker socks in winter.

Should your shoes be too tight then we will happily handle an exchange and send you a different size or model – your satisfaction is our priority!


Which NOAH models fit better for wider feet?

Women’s models: Dominique suede - razza, Marica suede - nappa, Chiara, Claudia suede - nappa, Alex suede - nappa

Men’s models: Dominique suede - razza, Marco suede - nappa, Claudio suede - nappa, Alex suede - nappa, Roberto suede - nappa, Gianni suede - nappa, Luca

You can find these models inside the shop via the search bar. Check out which models and colours are available in your size. 


Which NOAH shoes can be used with orthopedic insoles?

The following NOAH models are suitable for using with orthopedic insoles (they come with detachable insole and are available in all sizes and a range of colors and materials):

Dominique suede - razza, Marica and Marco suede - nappa, Claudio and Claudia suede - nappa, Daria - Dario, Elie, Charlie, Tony (Tamara - Tommy)

You can find these models via the search bar and to see which different materials and colours are available in your size. 


Which alternative materials do NOAH use?

NOAH Products are made from microfibres – micronappa and microsuede – more info can be found here


Why are NOAH products really value for money?

NOAH manufactures in Italy under fair working conditions and gives their employees a fair wage. The microfibre materials – microsuede and micronappa – are also made in Italy.

Fast Fashion means:

17 cents an hour – just so us Europeans can have FAST FASHION! Industry workers in BANGLADESH are paid an average of 17 cents an hour under life threatening working conditions and in factories, which can be extremely harmful for the environment.
(Süd Deutsche Newspaper article about the textile industy in Bangladesh – only available in German) video in english:


How much does delivery cost?

Many of our models can be delivered for free. You will find detailed information about our shipping conditions here.


More Questions?

We’ll be happy to answer them: drop us an email at: