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Terms & Conditions

Preamble: The NOAH shoe boutique (named supplier in the following) runs, for commercial purposes, an Internet Shop under the domains und On this website it offers customers information, as well as the sale of its products via Internet.

§ 1  The choice of products
The customer has the possibility of choosing and ordering products on the above-named website. The customer can click on the website the products he desires. These are then collected together in a virtual basket of goods. At the end of his shopping the customer gets a compilation of the products and the total final cost inclusive V.A.T. Before the dispatch of the order the supplier enables the customer to check the order with regard to the correctness of its content, in particular concerning the price and the quantity, and, if necessary, to correct it.

§ 2   Right of withdrawal for the consumer
The customer satisfaction is of highest importance for the supplier. In case of that the customer should not be contented with the total delivery, then he/she will be asked to inform the supplier about it, either in written, by fax, by email, or by calling the service hotline. After receipt of the return shipment, the customer will immediately receive back the corresponding purchasing price, provided that there is no arbitrariness, or negligence by the customer. In individual cases the supplier requests the customer to return the goods at the expenses of the supplier. In case of that the invoice amount should not yet have been paid, then, if necessary, a credit note would balance the entire or proportional invoice amount. The costs for the return shipment are borne by customer, the second expedition to you, is on our charge.

§ 3  Prices
The price list at the time of ordering, as shown on the internet pages, is valid.

§ 4  The fulfilment of the contract
The supplier’s range of goods on the website are not binding. Therefore the supplier is not bound by contract in the case of non-availability.

§ 5  The enforcement of the contract
5.1  Ordering
The supplier will immediately confirm the receipt of the customer’s order by e-mail.

5.2  Delivery 
The products ordered are, as a rule, delivered on the next working day after the reception of the order. Should one of the goods no longer be available the customer will be informed and the other products ordered will be delivered.

5.3  Amendments, increases and restrictions of the order.
The supplier will answer the customer’s inquiries at short notice in connection with the already ordered goods in the case of charges, increases and/or restrictions. Until one working day before the planned delivery the customer’s proposed charges will, as far as possible, be taken into consideration.

5.4 Differing and  definite dates of delivery
The customer may request a definite date of delivery, which, as far as possible, will be taken into consideration,

§ 6  Service hotline
The supplier offers the customer the Service Nr. Tel +49 (0) 9394 9957379 from Monday till Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CET)

§ 7  Terms of payment
The supplier makes out an invoice for the customer for the ordered and delivered goods, and this is then enclosed with the delivery. The supplier either delivers by advance payment, a bill,  direct debit order or by payment with PayPal. With deliveries by bill the total amount of the invoice must be paid – at the latest – within 10 days upon the receipt of the bill. With old customers the prices on the bill are always the final prices inclusive value-added-tax. With new customers we ask for cash in advance for the first 2 orders.

§ 8 Circumstances beyond control
In case the supplier cannot meet the claim due to circumstances beyond his control he is freed from the fulfilment of his responsibilities for the duration of the hindrance. In this case the customer is entitled to a withdrawal from the contract.

§ 9 Data protection
The supplier complies with all requirements of data protection, and, in particular, the guidelines of the (Tele services data protection law?) The data which the supplier requests from the customer are needed in order to carry out the transaction. Further, the data will be stored for book-keeping purposes. The passing on of data to a third party is completely out of the question. Solely for the purpose of a credit worthiness check we give the data to the Südwest-Inkasso, Baden-Baden, if necessary. However this does not influence the delivery, but simply the form of payment. With the customer’s agreement his data will be used in order to make it easier for him to use our Internet-Service offer, or to widen the range of goods and the service in accordance with his needs.

This consent to the processing of the data for advertising purposes may be contradicted in writing at any time by post or by E-Mail to info@ In addition the information concerning data protection on this Internet page is binding.

§ 10 Warranty and guarantees

NOAH assumes no liability, warranty or compensation for damages in the event of improper handling of the products and any resulting consequential damage.

§ 11 Final terms
10.1  The language used in the contract is German.

10.2  Should a stipulation of these conditions be, or become invalid, the other conditions remain in force. The supplier and the customer will replace the invalid condition with another which is economically most appropriate for the party to the contract.

10.3 The status of the contract 05.2018 General terms and conditions of trade.

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