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New vegan shoes and bags

Style meets ethics

NOAH aspires to make exquisite Italian shoes without causing harm on the environment, animals or humans. The skilled Italian shoemakers who work on our small-scale series all work under fair conditions. We use vegan materials made from synthetic microfibers. These materials are lightweight, durable, breathable and water resistant as well as suitable for people suffering from allergies. The NOAH brand stands for a responsible way of consuming by combining exquisite Italian design and sustainable production.

NOAH vegan shoes boast an extra wow factor with their top quality and sustainable production. We believe strongly in such values and love collaborating with others that do, too. Our holistic concept was certified by PETA and the Vegan Society who also awarded us the ‘Green Product Award’. Our vegan ankle boot ‘Dora’ was awarded the ‘Best Fashion Award 2014’ in the category ‘Best Women’s Shoe’ by PETA, Germany. When purchasing a shoe from NOAH, not only will you be wearing shoes of top class Italian design, but you will be supporting a socially ethical and sustainable way of doing business.


Italian handmade shoes – an assurance of quality

Italy is world famous for its high-quality shoe craftsmanship, a pair of fine Italian shoes will complete any outfit – business or casual. The techniques with which NOAH products are made have been skillfully passed down through generations by wise and experienced hands. NOAH’s designs fuse traditional and modern styles. Refined and eco-friendly materials make our shoes the perfect choice for the more conscious consumer. High quality microfibre materials are handcrafted in Italy into classy and extremely comfortable shoes. We selected our shoe manufacturers personally and ensure the highest standards through regular on-site visits as well as making sure all of our manufacturers adhere to fair working conditions. ‘Handmade in Italy’ is an assurance of quality we guarantee for all of our products, delivering elegant and classic footwear. Complete your look this season with the extravagant and eye-catching designs of our vegan shoes.

NOAH`s vegan Italian lifestyle - eco-friendly chic

NOAH integrates ethical consumerism and high-quality products. Each step in the production process uses sustainable measures. All of our shoes are handmade in small batches in Italy only using vegan materials, a high percentage of which are recycled. We contribute to reducing animal cruelty, protect the environment and conserve resources. Our shoes are made from top quality materials: durable microfibers such as micronappa and microsuede – both produced with an outstanding care for detail. Our classic Italian designs and exquisite craftsmanship are second to none, not even leather shoes. NOAH shoes boast extravagant style and great comfort. From classic lace-ups to modern boots to trendy sneakers – women and men will definitely find the perfect pair for any occasion. NOAH’s vegan shoes, leave a sustainable and eco-friendly footprint wherever you go.