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Vegan classic ballerinas

Vegan ballerinas

Vegan ballerinas are the flat, but no less elegant alternative to high heels. Inspired by a dancer’s toe shoe, it is hard to image women’s fashion without them. These comfortable shoes are available in all sorts of variations – pointy or round, with bow or buckle, closed or strapped at the heel. They all have a wide cut-out, visually elongating the leg. So slip them on, feel and look great!


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Classy and comfortable: vegan ballerinas

NOAH’s selection of vegan ballerinas is just as extensive as that of our high heel collection. The flats are available with a round or pointy toe, classy or sporty in design. “Mia” is quite subtle. This classic ballerina is available in sober colours like dark blue, beige, white, and black. Thanks to their small decorative bow and narrow form, “Renata” and “Manuela” are just as timeless. “Marianna” is made from cotton and therefore perfect for summer. The shimmering effect of the small colourful strips of lacquer at the heel and toe, give it something extra. “Chaterine” is the right fit for all who want more elegance. The shoe is made from soft microsuede and bordered with a black cordon ribbon. The black lacquered toe is adorned with a subtle bow. “Lorena” is much less subtle. This olive green pair with buckle is definitely an eye-catcher. “Dorothea” knows how to keep a secret – the hidden wedge heel makes the wearer two centimetres taller! “Lea,” too, has a hidden heel. “Milena” is sportier. This ballerina enchants especially with its combination of organic linen and micronappa. With colour combinations like white-grey or denim-dark blue, you are guaranteed to make an entrance. Our ballerinas “Guiletta,” “Sofia,” and “Serena” – the latter with heel strap – are especially feminine because of their pointy toe.

Vegan ballerinas perfectly paired

Despite their flat sole, vegan ballerinas are no less elegant than high heels. They go with formal wear and cute dresses, elegant skirts and slim-cut trousers. Only wide-cute trousers may not be an ideal match, as they cover up the shoes’ wide cut-out that visually elongates the leg. Worn with rolled up boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, ballerinas are the ideal contrast and a true fashion statement. Women with a romantic side can pair the flats with tulle skirts or flowery dresses. The slender shoes are especially noticeable when worn with leggings or tight fitting trousers, no matter if jeans or chinos. Ballerinas are proof that elegant women’s shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable: just slip them on and thanks to their flat sole, they are perfect for that shopping spree and for the office. Even if there is there is a strict dress code, you can’t go wrong with that ladies’ suit paired with black flats. Vegan ballerinas are not only comfortable, but also the perfect fit for any situations.

Sustainable elegance: vegan ballerina

Like all shoes by NOAH, vegan ballerinas are hand-made in Italian manufactories with lots of attention to detail. We use vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content, such as microsuede, micronappa, linen, and cork. These are lightweight, durable, water resistant, breathable, and free of toxins. Even women with allergies can wear our ballerina shoes without a problem. We pay attention to fairness and sustainability during the whole production process, doing our part to protect the climate and to reduce animal cruelty. The result are ballerinas that convince with ethics and aesthetics, while portraying your sense of sustainability and responsibility in design. High-quality craftsmanship makes our ballerinas to timeless classics that shouldn’t be missed in any wardrobe. Vegan ballerinas by NOAH are classy, girly, and versatile.

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