Our Philosophy

„The path is made by walking.“
Franz Kafka

NOAH shoes are produced according to high quality standards of the finest Italian handcraft, which accurately combines tradition and innovation. At the same time, NOAH is committed to responsible manufacturing that looks after the environment, animals and human health. NOAH is an innovative alternative to traditional leather shoes: the entire production cycle of our footwear reflects the attention of NOAH for a sustainable environmental impact.

The extraordinary biodiversity, typical of a healthy environment, is a prerequisite for a wholesome lifestyle in harmony with nature. Through the use of non-toxic, hypoallergenic and durable vegan materials (a part of which comes from recycling), NOAH shoes contribute to the reduction of animal suffering and of environmental pollution, without sacrificing comfort and style.

The shoes are skilfully manufactured in Italy in shoe factories of high quality, characterized by traditional handicraft production. Thanks to a careful selection and regular visits to the manufacturing companies at intervals of about 2 years, we guarantee that the production takes place in compliance with the current regulations for the protection of workers.

NOAH also stays true to its principles with regard to the shipping of vegan shoes & accessories and takes care of our environment with the cardboard boxes and filling materials we use. NOAH only uses cardboard boxes that are made mostly of recycled paper. The filling material is 100% recycled paper. In the event of an exchange, NOAH uses the returned package for the second shipment (if it is still in a condition suitable for shipping). The adhesive tape to seal the packages is water-based and free of animal ingredients.

NOAH shoes leave a social and eco-friendly mark

Indulge your feet with NOAH footwear. You will wear quality shoes and support the vision of a sustainable economy:

No leather - Why? Discover the advantages for the animals and the environment of using vegan materials instead of leather and vision of NOAH.