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NOAH – organic : zero waste shoes

The first-ever fair, vegan, and biodegradable shoe collection!

Handcrafted using traditional methods by Italian shoemakers and made from biodegradable materials and glues (cruelty-free), our NOAH – organic shoes are manufactured under fair conditions in Italy. Each pair is an expression of classic minimalist design.
Support this big step for our planet!

Order NOW – the shoe that leaves no trace!

Zero Waste Shoes - Organic Shoes

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The NOAH organic collection uses a selection of lightweight, durable and organic natural cotton, linen, natural latex, and natural rubber. Ideal for shoes, these fabrics repel dirt and are extremely durable. They are soft to touch, skin friendly and lightweight. Our organic shoes are made from cotton and linen that are grown organically, non-GMO, and free from pesticides and mineral fertilisers. What’s more, during the weaving and manufacturing processes we only use natural materials. The majority of the natural rubber we use to make the soles is extracted from rubber trees. This specific type of mixed cultivation rubber tree can be grown sustainably. Compared to its synthetic counterparts, it’s much more durable. We make sure that all the materials we use are produced without damaging the environment and sourced from manufacturers that meet our fair working conditions standards.


The NOAH organic range delivers timeless minimalist design. Our three new unisex models are ideal for both men and women. Driven by a wish to create timeless, simple design, our designers have come up with a shoe that can be worn on all occasions. Its universal design and unassuming style will have heads turning. But its sustainability is what makes it stand out for people all around the world.


Italian shoes are world-renowned for their elegance, style, and high-quality craftsmanship. Traditional techniques have been passed down through generations of shoemakers. Over the past ten years we have been producing vegan shoes using manufacturing techniques that do not damage the environment, climate, nature nor animals. We only have one planet and we intend to protect it. Aesthetics, ethics and high quality underlie our production processes. Based outside Venice, we visit our manufacturers on a regular basis to inspect their fair working conditions and to ensure they receive an honest wage and to commit to the quality promise Made in Italy.

BIODEGRADABLE – A shoe that leaves no tracks

All of the materials we use in our NOAH organic range are biodegradable. Yes, that's right the natural rubber, latex and organic cotton and linen are all disposable! Even the dyes we use are biodegradable. NOAH organic means sustainable consumption while showing people, animals, and nature respect.