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Vegan belts and suspenders

Vegan belts and braces

The belt is no longer just a functional piece of clothing but has become a must-have accessory to jazz up an outfit. Just like our shoes, our vegan belts are made from microfibres and textiles with a high percentage of recycled content. We, therefore, contribute to the protection of animals and the environment.

In our Youtube channel you can find a demonstration video, which gives assistance in choosing the required belt length and, further, shows instructions for effortless shortening of our Cinta belt models.

Vegan belts and braces

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Best dressed with vegan belts and braces

Vegan belts not only hold trousers and skirts in place, they are an accessory with which you can express your own sense of style and fashion. Depending on how brash the belt, it can pep up any outfit. The possibilities of how to wear it or with what are almost endless. Pulling it through the belt loops and tucking your skirt into your trousers or skirt will make it the focus of your look. But NOAH’s vegan belts can do so much more! They can also be worn over wide-cut tops, such as long shirts, tunics or oversized blouses. The belt should sit loosely on the hips, forming the silhouette. Maxi dresses can also be put in form this way – ideally with a braided belt worn around the chest. NOAH’s vegan belts are a true ace up that sleeve when you want to personalise an outfit.

The right vegan belt for every occasion

Whether it’s elegant, sporty or trendy –NOAH has the right belt for every look. And you choose how long you want it to be, as every belt is available in different lengths. “Cinta” is a classic black belt, made from microsuede and not leather. The plain silver buckle makes it second to no leather belt, however, and it goes well with (trouser) suits, as well as jeans. For both men and women, general sizes range from 90 to 120 centimetres. “Intreccio” is a braided elastic belt with an angular buckle. It comes in a burgundy and dark grey combination, as well as in solid colours, such as black with a golden buckle and brown or dark blue with a silver buckle. Depending on the model, the loop is covered with microsuede or micronappa. The braided textile belt is perfect to jeans or sporty trousers like chinos. “Intreccio” is also available in a rich burgundy red with a round buckle, which is – just as the tip of the belt – covered in brown micronappa. That gives the belt the much sought after retro-look and is the perfect accessory for bohemian style outfits. Braided belts don’t need holes – the pin can be pushed through the flexible wattlework anywhere, making it always fit to a “T.” With this exclusive selection, you will definitely find the right belt for the occasion.

Elegant and leather-free: vegan belts and braces

Just like our shoes, vegan belts available in the NOAH shop are free of animal products. Instead, we use microfibres like microsuede and micronappa, as well as carefree and partly elastic textiles. The vegan materials used are soft and stretchy, while nonetheless sturdy and durable. We of course also pay attention to sustainability and quality in the case of our accessories. In combination with the right shoe or handbag, NOAH’s elegant belts round off almost every outfit, ensure a harmonious look or set the right accents. Whether it’s elegant, sporty, stylish or playful – with the right belt, you can show you have an eye for detail and a hand for fashion. In short: vegan belts from NOAH are a true piece of jewelry that give every outfit that certain something extra that you can wear with a clear conscience.