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Vegan lace-ups for men

From sporty to elegant – NOAH has vegan lace-ups for men in all colours and forms – from casual yachting shoes to elegant lace-ups with an Italian look and sturdy lace-up boots. All shoes are hand-made from high-quality materials. Fashion-conscious men will definitely find the right vegan lace-up for the occasion.

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Broadly combinable: vegan lace-ups for men

NOAH’s vegan yachting shoe “Christoph” is the essence of nonchalance and “dolce vita.” The shoe is comfortable, sporty and fits perfectly with that casual look. With their timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship, our elegant lace-ups “Graziano,” “Alessandro,” “Roberto,” “Renato,” “Enrico” and “Damiano” are second to no leather shoe and are great with a suit. “Cesare” and “Ron” impress with their two-tone design, making these vegan lace-ups a real eye-catcher – no matter if worn with a casual or a business look. The ankle-high lace-up “Marco” also has that airy feel. Combined with jeans, a man proves a sense of fashion and style. “Leo” is made from linen and has a nonslip bast and rubber sole –like “Oliver,” made from perforated microsuede, it is the ideal shoe for summer. With “Rolando” and “Ugo,” our sporty models made from microsuede, you can master everyday adventures with an extra bounce in your step. “Achille” is what we call our men’s shoe with the typical “Budapest” perforated pattern, which rounds off the stylish vintage look. Vegan lace-ups from NOAH are as versatile as no other shoe.

Vegan men’s lace-up for every occasion

No matter if with jeans or trousers, in day-to-day life or at the office –NOAH’s vegan lace-ups are a safe choice for every man. Combined with a suit, these timeless models with their classic design are perfect for the office, a presentation or a visit to the opera. Next to the plain business look, the casual college look remains a hit in men’s fashion. Classic lace-ups combined with light coloured chinos, sports jackets and elegant dress shirts are indispensable. The dandy look is also an expression of style and elegance. For it you need lace-ups – preferably with perforated patterns – or lace-up ankle-boots. This look becomes fit for day-to-day life or the office when worn with slim cut jeans and a sports jacket. And you can choose whether to add a silk scarf or pocket square. Our ankle-high lace-ups, on the other hand, are the perfect companion during leisure time – like for a stroll through the city or nature. They go best with comfortable, straight cut jeans, sweatshirts, plaid shirt, a jumper, or a parka. Yachting shoes are also no longer just for going sailing, but have found their place in men’s fashion. Especially in summer, these maritime models are a hit. Men will find a vegan lace-up shoe by NOAH for every occasion that will impress with high-quality craftsmanship and Italian chic.

For a clean conscience: Vegan lace-up shoes for men

NOAH has men’s vegan lace-ups for every taste and occasion. They are true all-arounders, ranging from classic yachting to elegant business shoes and sturdy, ankle-high boots. All our lace-ups are made from vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content. We use microsuede with a suede leather optic and nappa-like micronappa. These microfibres are extremely durable, breathable, and free of toxins. They therefore not only help reduce animal cruelty, but are suitable for people with allergies and can be worn with anything. NOAH’s vegan lace-ups for men are hand-made with lots of attention to detail in small series in Italy. We ensure fair working conditions by visiting manufactories on a regular basis. Sustainability is most imported during production as well as trade. That makes NOAH’s vegan lace-up shoes for men to an expression of a responsible lifestyle – and a true sense of style.