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Vegan Men's Shoes

Vegan gents’ shoes made in Italy

Vegan men’s shoes from NOAH are walking advertisement for confidence and style. They are a “dolce vita” for your feet, no matter if you wear them in the office or during your spare time. We ensure sustainability and the highest quality standards of production. Our vegan men’s shoes are second to no leather shoe.

Vegan men's shoes

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High-premium vegan shoes for men

The wide selection of NOAH’s vegan men’s shoes – ranging from footwear fit for the office, to elegant slippers, casual shoes, sturdy boots and sporty sneakers – helps protect the environment and prevent animal suffering without foregoing style. The shoes are traditionally handcrafted in selected Italian manufactories. The entire process – from the production of the microfibres to the finished vegan men’s shoe – takes place there. We use exclusive vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content, such as micronappa (a synthetic form of nappa leather) and microsuede. These textiles are extremely comfortable to wear, long-lasting and weather-resistant. They are also free of toxins and allergens, making the footwear sustainable and the customer will appreciate how comfortable they are. NOAH’s vegan shoes for men are therefore an innovative alternative to leather shoes.

Handcrafted vegan shoes for men

The small series production of our vegan gents’ shoes takes place in Italy. We personally hand-pick small businesses and ensure they adhere to fair working conditions. The production of a high-premium vegan shoe for men includes in some cases up to 400 steps. The label “made in Italy” stands for quality and represents the basis of NOAH’s company philosophy. We completely forego leather or other animal products, using only plant-based and/or synthetic materials that are light, durable, breathable, water-resistant and hypoallergenic. We also rarely use glue and if we do, it is free of animal products. The inner sole is made of microfibres or cork, while the outside consists of natural rubber. We not only desist from using leather or other animal products for or men’s shoes due to moral reasons, but also because we can therefore reduce CO2 and other toxic emissions during production and help protect climate and environment. Fair trade is also important to us. Whether the shoe is sporty or chic, the high-premium workmanship and high-class materials guarantee a perfect appearance. It is where true craftsmanship, innovation and sense of responsibility meet.

The promise of vegan shoes for men

NOAH’s vegan footwear for gents is a combination of quality, style and conviction. Production is sustainable and the craftsmanship high-premium down to the last detail, which is why vegan men’s shoes help increase a customer’s quality of life: the footwear lives up to the highest standards, provides increased wear comfort and helps keep feet healthy. After all, it is only the shoe that protects the feet from sharp-edged or hard surfaces. High-premium shoes for men fit from the first step. They are a real luxury for the feet and an investment that is worthwhile. The top quality craftsmanship and perfect fit honour our promise. Our vegan men’s shoes are an innovative interpretation of traditional art of shoemaking. NOAH’s vegan footwear for the gentleman is an embodiment of stylistic confidence. Because of our use of sustainable materials and fair working conditions, our shoes leave a positive footprint. At the same time, we guarantee elegance, exclusivity and durability, as well as a “dolce vita” for the feet. Our vegan footwear is proof that design, high-premium craftsmanship and excellent quality can be achieved without using leather. NOAH’s vegan men’s shoes are therefore the perfect combination of aesthetics and ethics.