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vegan business footwear

Vegan business shoes for men

NOAH’s high-quality vegan business shoes for men are perfect for every man who wants to display his sense of fashion and style. Our “made in Italy” promise to quality will carry you through day-to-day life and our styles range from classic to fashionably elegant. That way, you always find the right shoe for the occasion – no matter if it’s for a business lunch, a trade show visit, or a client presentation.

Vegan business shoes

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Men’s vegan business shoes for every type of man

The selection of our vegan business shoes for men ranges from plain to more noticeable shoes with perforations and decorative seams. That way, you will always find the right shoe for you and your job. Our exclusive shoes “Roberto,” “Enrico,” “Luca,” “Nicolas” and “Damiano” are plain lace-ups. Due to a timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship, they are second to no leather shoe and go perfectly with a suit. Other lace-ups are “Alessandro” and “Graziano.” These elegant shoes point with their pure forms and sewn synthetic fibre sole. “Achille” is what we call our men’s model with perforated patterns – the perfect combination of an elegant shoe and stylish lace-up fit for business. “Romeo” also has a decorative perforated pattern, just a more discrete one. Our “Guido” is a real eye-catcher: the shoe has a subtle decorative seam and fancy one-hole-lacing. Aside from lace-up, loafers also make for great business shoes that can be worn with a summer suit or classic jeans. “Leonardo,” “Raffaello” and “Gianni” are simple in design, while “Rudolf” with its fancy buckle, gives your business look a touch of extravagance. And if the atmosphere is a bit more casual, our moccasins “Jacob” and “Ru1877” are guaranteed the perfect fit for business – just like all of NOAH’s vegan business shoes for men.

Classic-premium vegan business shoes for men

We only use premium vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content, making our men’s business shoes second to no leather shoe in terms of design, quality and durability. It makes them the perfect companion for the job, where quality and aesthetics are just as important as comfort and resilience. The soles are quite flexible, allowing for the foot to roll over comfortably. These shoes are a true oasis for the feet and NOAH’s “made in Italy” promise to quality means that our models are manufactured in small batches in Italian manufactories. Through regular on-site visits, we ensure that these adhere to fair working conditions. Italian shoemakers are known for the premium craftsmanship and elegant designs. Our experts benefit from generations of culture, style and craftsmanship, which they have perfected over the years. They design and produce NOAH’s business shoes – classic in form and plain in colour, ranging from black to gray and brown. NOAH’s vegan business shoes for men are therefore perfect for any minimalistic look, fit for the office.

Ethics meets aesthetics: men’s vegan business shoes

Just like with all of our shoes, we pay special attention to saving resources and fairness during the entire production process of our vegan business shoes for men. We entirely forego the use of leather or other animal-based products, doing our part to preserve the environment. Instead, we use microfibres such as microsuede and nappa-like micronappa. These materials are lightweight, durable, breathable, water resistant and hypoallergenic. For the most part, we also do without using glue. If we do, it is guaranteed to be free of animal-based ingredients. On top of reducing CO2 emissions, soil conservation and fair trade are important to our job. That way, you only leave a socially just and environmentally sustainable footprint. Men’s vegan business shoes by NOAH are the perfect combination of ethics and aesthetics.