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Elegant vegan men's  shoes

Elegant vegan men’s shoes

NOAH offers elegant vegan men’s shoes as lace-ups, slippers or ankle boots; with fancy perforations and decorative seams or classic lines. No matter if you choose a timeless classic or extravagant model – all our elegant men’s shoes bear the “made in Italy” promise to quality. You will find the perfect shoe for special occasions, like going to the theatre or opera or to a reception.

Elegant vegan shoes

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Lace-ups and slip-ons: elegant vegan shoes for men

No matter if lace-up, slip-on, or ankle boot – NOAH has an elegant vegan men’s shoe for everyone. “Achille” with a Budapest-style perforation pattern is available in brown and black and the perfect combination of elegant footwear and trendy lace-up, fit for a day at the office. Lace-up “Alessandro” is, due to its pure form and finely sown sole, the expression of true elegance. And because of their timeless design and premium craftsmanship, our elegant lace-ups “Roberto,” “Renato,” “Enrico,” “Damiano” and “Nicolas” are second to no leather shoe and go well with suits. “Jonathan” and “John” are slippers that look like elegant lace-ups because of their hinted laces. Our slipper “Rafaello” points with its fashionable lines. “Leonardo” is a vegan loafer from the luxury segment that catches the eye with its combination of microsuede and micronappa, as well as decorative seams. Ankle boot “Marco” is more casual and made from soft microsuede. Worn with jeans, it proves a sense of fashion and style. Our half-height Chelsea ankle boot “Ricardo” with its elastic insert can simply be slipped on and guarantees a fair and fashionable appearance even when a stroll through town. Among NOAH’s elegant vegan shoes for men, you will definitely find the right fit for every occasion.

Italian chic: elegant vegan shoes for men

NOAH’s elegant vegan shoes for men are “made in Italy.” They are hand-made in small series in manufactories picked personally by us. Experienced hands profiting from culture, style and skill passed on and perfected over generations, design and craft our shoes. When choosing an elegant men’s shoe, it is important that it fits your clothing and the occasion. For suits, it is recommended to go with a model that is stylish yet plain. The design shouldn’t be too fancy, but classic and pure and display premium craftsmanship. The fashionable dandy style allows fashion-conscious men to redefine the gentleman look – just throw on suit trousers, a vest, suspenders and lace-ups with a perforated pattern. Our premium slippers go well with light suits, as well as jeans and chinos, making them the perfect companion during the warmer season. The workmanship of our elegant vegan men’s shoes should not be overlooked. We use only exclusive materials that are guaranteed comfortable to be wear – the premise for an elegant walk.

Elegant vegan shoes for men – sustainable and aesthetic

NOAH’s elegant vegan men’s shoes bring together quality and conviction. During the entire production process – from choice of material to the fabrication and sale – we pay attention to sustainability, quality, and fairness. We entirely forgo the use of animal leathers or other animal-based materials. We instead use vegan materials with a high recycled content, such as micronappa that looks like nappa leather or suede-like microsuede. In most cases, the soles of our elegant men’s shoes are sown. If we do use glue, it is guaranteed to be free of animal products. Through our conscious choice of materials, we not only help reduce animal suffering, but also do our part to preserve the environment. Moreover, the materials used are lightweight, durable, breathable, water resistant and hypoallergenic. That makes them comfortable to wear. Elegant vegan shoes from NOAH are the perfect mix of sustainability, aesthetics and comfort – and therefore the perfect companion for formal occasions of all kind.