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Vegan Slippers and Moccasins

Vegan slippers and loafer for men

Vegan slippers for men are seen as formal footwear. The slip-ons with a low heel are cut out wider than classic gentlemen’s lace-ups, and are lightweight and flexible. It makes them comfortable to wear. Vegan slippers by NOAH are no less elegant than our lace-ups and – depending on your job – no less fit for the office. Especially in summer.

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Vegan men’s Loafers – a success story

Loafers conquered the world of fashion in the 1930‘. The shoe was first introduced at college campuses across the United States at the end of the 20th century and soon became a trademark for students. Even though the slipper is often worn outside of work – especially with light summery clothes – our elegant loafers are also fit for business. “Leonardo” is a luxurious slipper: the unique and elegant design is the result of true Italian craftsmanship. Our “Rafaello” is especially noticeable due to its classic lines, while “Gianni” – available in brown and black – is rather sporty. “Alonso,” “Toni” and “Anthony” feature an invisible rubber band, giving the shoes perfect hold. With their suggested laces, our “Jacob,” “Jonathon,” “John” and “Jeremy” appear to be classic lace-ups. “Guido” is a true highlight, sporting a subtle decorative seam and fancy one-whole lacing. “Rudolph,” on the other hand, features a bold buckle that will give your outfit that little something extra. Moccasins are technically no slippers, since they don’t have a heel. Our soft moccasins “Tommy” and “Christoph” have studded rubber soles making them comfortable to wear and providing extra bounce in the step. The “Ru1877” is an elegant moccasin with a small heel, which – just like out vegan slippers for men – is a perfect companion for a day at the office.

Vegan slippers for men with Italian design

NOAH’s vegan slippers and moccasins for men are “made in Italy.” They are hand-made in small batches in individually selected Italian manufactories. The slipper also benefits from generations of Italian shoemaking expertise – in design, as well as craftsmanship. Finest materials with a high percentage of recycled content such as microsuede that looks and feels like suede leather, and the nappa-like micronappa, as well as cork and rubber used in our flexible soles, make our men’s slippers functional and leave only a fair footprint. We pay attention to sustainability and conserving resources throughout the entire production process, doing our part to protect the environment. Since we forge any use of animal-based materials, we also help reduce animal cruelty. NOAH’s vegan slippers for men are therefore a perfect combination of elegance, social justice, style and conviction.

Elegant and stylish through the year: vegan men’s slippers

Even though these comfortable vegan men’s slippers are generally worn during the warmer season, as they go perfectly with light summery outfits and shorts, our models can also be put worn in colder weather. We have all kinds of different slippers in our portfolio – from classic-chic to sporty and modern – that are also the perfect fit with jeans or chinos, making them a great companion for your professional life. Especially in Japan, the United States and Italy, people like to wear plain black slippers to conduct business. Moccasins are one of the oldest types of shoes. Because of their this soles, they may not be great for walking long distances on uneven ground, but they are perfect for a picnic in the park, a garden party or short walks. The high-quality craftsmanship of our exclusively vegan materials guarantee that the shoes are comfortable and durable. Vegan slippers and moccasins for men have – thanks to their versatility – found a permanent spot in men’s fashion.

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