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Vegan men sneakers

Casual-chic vegan men’s sneakers

For that elegant sporty look, NOAH offers a wide selection of vegan sneakers for men. They are hand-made from premium-quality vegan materials. We attach great importance to sustainability during the production of the microfibers and out shoes and ensure the highest quality standards. Next to their elegant and timeless design, our vegan sneakers are uniquely comfortable and long-lasting.

Vegan sneakers

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Vegan sneakers for men

NOAH’s vegan sneakers for men are the perfect fit for any casual outing. The selection ranges from more classical designs to modern, high-ankle sneakers and elegant loafers with ornamental seams. Our sneaker “Dominique” is available in the colours dark blue, black, and taupe. The sneaker is made from microsuede, which looks like suede leather. The bottom rubber sole and removable inner cork sole make the shoe comfortable to wear. “Dominique” can be worn with jeans, as well as slim-cut chino trousers. Our vegan sneaker “Diego” is more noticeable. Also made from microsuede, the shoe features a colour-contrasting decorative stripe and light-coloured ornamental seams. Due to its elegant design and ornamental seams, “Nino” can even be worn with a suit. For men who want to make a fashion statement, we recommend our “Lorenzo.” The high-ankle vegan sneaker comes in black or taupe and is a real eye-catcher. “Kaj” is a sporty lace-up sneaker that combines micronappa with stripes of microsuede. The flexible sole made from recycled rubber has a unique look and is a pleasure to walk on. The vegan low shoe “Julian” is also manufactured from micronappa – ornamental seams and dark, slightly thicker laces give it an elegant look. All our vegan sneakers for men are the result of high-premium craftsmanship and aesthetic design.

Hand-made vegan sneakers for men

NOAH’s vegan men’s sneakers are made in small batches in our hand-picked small manufactories in Italy, where the true art of shoemaking meets exclusive vegan materials. On top of microsuede and micronappa that look and feel similar to leather, shoemakers use rubber and cork. All materials have a high percentage of recycled content, are light, long-lasting, breathable, free of toxins and hypoallergenic. During the entire production process, we pay particular attention to sustainability and resource conservation. Fair working conditions in our Italian manufactories and fair trade are a given. With our vegan sneakers for men, we therefore do our part to protect the environment and prevent animal cruelty. That is why vegan men’s sneakers aren’t just a high-premium product; they are an expression of social equity and a sustainable way of doing business.

Sporty and fair: vegan men’s sneakers

NOAH’s vegan sneakers for men distinguish themselves through their unique Italian design that perfectly combines sportiness and elegance. With NOAH’s vegan sneakers for men, you not only treat yourself, but also the environment - these sneakers are the expression of a responsible lifestyle. Customers therefore leave a stylish footprint, without harming animals or fellow men. Every detail of our vegan men’s sneakers is high-premium craftsmanship - “made in Italy” is our commitment of quality that stands for elegance and high wearing comfort. From a relaxing walk to a sporting competition - these Italian shoes are the perfect companion for every adventure. Our sporty, vegan sneakers live up to their name. The durable rubber sole and inner cork sole have a dampening effect, making the “sneak”-ers nearly inaudible. Sustainability and of high-premium quality down to the last detail make our vegan men’s sneakers the perfect combination of style and conviction and ensure a sporty appearance.