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vegan lace-up shoes for woman

Hand-made vegan lace-ups for women – made in Italy

Vegan women’s lace-up shoes are true all-arounders that belong in every closet. They can be worn with sporty and more elegant outfits and are especially fit for the colder seasons. Like all our shoes, our lace-ups for women are made from exclusive vegan material. That way you don’t only prove a sense of style, but also a sense of responsibility.

Vegan lace-up shoes

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The do-it-all: vegan lace-up shoes

Vegan lace-up shoes for women are available in all shapes and colours. Classic yachting shoes, elegant lace-ups and ankle boots – all our lace-up shoes are made from vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content. We use suede-like microsuede and nappa-like micronappa. These microfibres are especially durable, breathable and free of toxins. NOAH’s vegan lace-ups shoes for women are therefore hypoallergenic and help prevent animal cruelty. They can be worn with anything: yachting shoes go perfectly with jeans; other women’s lace-up models can be paired with a classic suit. NOAH’s vegan lace-up shoes are hand-made in small series in Italy. We personally select every manufactory and ensure fair working conditions through regular visits, and we pay attention to sustainability and fairness during the production and trading process -NOAH’s vegan lace-up shoes are the expression of a responsible lifestyle.

Vegan lace-up shoes for women

Despite it being a traditional men’s shoe, ladies don’t have to forego perforated patterns. “Mademoiselle” is an elegant women’s variant with a decorative lycra perforation and classic satin laces. And the traditional men’s shoe cuts a good figure on a woman’s foot. For the “preppy look,” just put on a pair of Chinos and a blouse or wear loose fitting jeans for the “boyfriend look.” “Mademoiselle” can be worn with skirts and dresses in the summer. “Leonie” also has satin laces. Clean lines and a hidden wedge heel make this shoe elegant and comfortable. It is the perfect lace-up companion for trousers or skirts. Classic and perfect with every look is the “Cinzia” vegan shoe for women. “Marica” is what we call the women’s counterpart to our ankle boot “Marco.” The all-rounder is available in microsuede and micronappa. In autumn and winter, both versions protect feet from cold and wet weather, while remaining a true fashion statement. We don’t only offer low lace-up shoes for women: the trendy “Eleonora” lace-up ankle boot goes perfectly with slim fitting jeans or opaque stockings and a skirt. “Rolanda” is a sportier edition. Thanks to its sturdy rubber sole and sneaker optic, this shoe is great for long walks. Its non-slip profile and padded lining make “Claudia” a sturdy lace-up, perfect for hikes or stroll in the city. NOAH’s vegan lace-up shoes for women are true do-it-alls and a must for every wardrobe.

Vegan lace-ups or women combine ethics and aesthetics

As with all our shoes, our vegan lace-up shoes for women are subject to our standard of creating Italian style and high-premium quality footwear, without harming the environment, animals or mankind. We pay much attention to sustainability and fairness during the entire production process and we don’t only forgo the use of animal leather due to ethical reasons, but also because we therefore help protect our climate. The use of exclusive materials with a high percentage of recycled content, as well as fair working and trading conditions are a given for us. Of course, the design focuses on form and colour. That way, our vegan lace-up shoes for women – that also bear our promise to quality, the “made in Italy” label – bring a piece of Italy to your feet and let you leave a fair footprint.