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Vegan mocassin for women

Vegan slippers and loafer for women

Vegan slippers for women have become a trend that can be worn at any occasion. These comfortable and nonetheless elegant shoes can just be slipped on and are a great and fashionable alternative to high heels or lace-ups. From elegant to sporty and hip – NOAH’s vegan women’s slippers go with almost any look and occasion.

Vegan slippers and loafer

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Large selection of vegan slippers and loafer for women

Slippers, which are also called loafers, are unisex shoes that became popular in the 1930s in the United States. They were seen as typical college shoes and were generally worn only by men. Today, it is impossible to imagine women’s fashion without the loafer. Our vegan women’s slipper “Greta” is fit for all seasons and occasions! The shoe is available in taupe and black. It is comfortable to wear and its classic lines and decorative seams make it a real eye-catcher. “Loretta” enchants with its decorative contrast border, “Petra” with its decorative seams and braid. Moccasins don’t have a heel and are therefore technically not slippers. But these shoes can also be slipped one easily. NOAH’s soft moccasins “Tamara” with a studded rubber sole, as well as “Daniela” and “Carlotta” provide that extra bounce in the step and are perfect for a shopping spree with your best-friend. A sturdy and yet lightweight sole make our “Nadia” even fit for winter! “Nicoletta” combines the best of ballerina and moccasin: its pointy toe makes the shoe especially elegant and it can therefore be worn for dress-up occasion, as well as at work. “Rita” also sports that elegant look, featuring a pointy toe, contrasting materials and sparkling gold button. Conclusion: vegan women’s slippers by NOAH are elegant and versatile.

Vegan slippers for women – perfect for business and leisure

Generally, slippers and moccasins are summer shoes. But these trendy flats can also carry us through autumn and spring. With “Nadia,” NOAH even has a slipper fit for winter. If combined correctly, shoes and outfit shine. Classic slippers with an elegant heel are great with business outfits: in subtle colours such as black, dark blue or brown, and elegant details such as buckles or straps, they go perfectly with trouser suits. Lighter coloured slippers complement summery business outfits, like skirts, blouses and blazers. During leisure time, too, our slippers and moccasins make a good impression: just like ballerinas, they can easily be slipped on and go well with airy dresses or shorts. Many slippers also look good with leggings and skinny jeans – perfect for all, who prefer longer legwear. You will surely catch an eye or two if you combine our slippers and moccasins with balloon skirts or knickerbockers. The important thing is that no matter if it’s for business or leisure: NOAH’s vegan slippers for women fit every outfit in form and colour.

Italian chic: Vegan women’s slippers and loafer

NOAH’s vegan women’s slippers and moccasins are hand-made in small series in Italy. We ensure fair working conditions by personally picking the manufactories and regular on-site inspections. The “made in Italy” label is our promise to quality, guaranteeing a high-quality finish of our exclusively vegan materials. For our comfortable slip-on shoes, we only use non-animal-based materials with a high percentage of recycled content. Our shoemakers work only with microfibres that are lightweight, durable, water resistant and free from toxins. These materials include velvety microsuede, nappa-like micronappa, and cork. The result is a high-quality shoe that is comfortable to wear and elegant in design. On top of that, wearing our shoes gives you peace of mind. Women’s vegan slippers and moccasins by NOAH leave high heels and classic low shoes in the dust.