Casual shoes

A casual vegan women’s shoe for every occasion

Whether it is for the shopping spree or to go hiking, NOAH has the perfect vegan casual shoe for the occasion. And they are not just comfortable to wear, but also elegant and timeless. We use high-premium vegan materials, making our shoes long-lasting – you will be wearing the “made in Italy” quality-promise on your feet.

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Great selection of vegan casual shoes for women

NOAH has a vegan women’s casual shoe for every occasion: soft moccasins with studded soles provide that extra bounce in the step and are perfect for shopping sprees with friends. Laced-up ankle boots give every casual outfit that certain something and the classic yachting shoe will also make you look good on shore. Vegan casual shoes are both trendy and sporty. Our all-weather shoe with padded rims is the perfect companion for an autumn stroll or a hike. Of course, our casual vegan shoes for women are high-quality down to the last detail. Exclusive materials like micronappa, microsuede, natural rubber and cork make them comfortable to wear, no matter how you choose to spend your time. You can choose more elegant cloth trousers or casual jeans - NOAH’s vegan casual women’s shoes are versatile. They are ideal for city trips, excursion to the countryside, exciting everyday adventures and of course for the way to work. A responsible appearance is guaranteed, since NOAH’s casual shoes for women are made from exclusive vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content. They are free of toxins and suitable for people with allergies.

Vegan casual shoes for women – hand-made in Italy

Our vegan casual women’s shoes are hand-made in small series in Italy. Through regular on-site inspections, we ensure the manufactures adherence to fair working conditions. No matter if you choose the elegant yachting shoe or all-weather boot, we forego the use of animal leather. Instead, we use high-quality vegan materials that distinguish themselves through extreme comfort and durability. That way, you’re prepared for any situation and wear the “made in Italy” quality-promise on your feet. We pay special attention to sustainability and resource conservation during the entire manufacturing process and the materials we use are light and breathable, making them especially apt for leisure activities. NOAH’s vegan casual shoes for women protect and support the foot during shopping sprees, as well as on hikes.

Comfortable and elegant - vegan casual shoes for women

Classy, timeless, feminine and comfortable - finest materials, Italian design and unrivalled comfort make our soft moccasins, timeless lace-ups, classic yachting shoes, chic sneakers and all-weather boots the perfect companion during leisure time. Even though most prefer a more informal style during their time off, shoes should still be comfortable and beautiful. Plus, wearing vegan casual shoes for women gives you peace of mind. Our innovative materials such as microsuede, which is similar to suede leather, and the nappa-like micronappa, rubber and cork are sustainable, and our production methods are environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. It is how we do our part to protect the environment and prevent animal cruelty. Our hand-picked manufactories bring together shoemaking know-how passed on over generations. Fair trade, sustainability and transparency during the whole production process are self-evident. NOAH attaches great importance to quality - our label “made in Italy” is the core of our company philosophy and commitment to quality. An aesthetic design and a harmonious blend of colours and form are also important. With NOAH’s vegan casual shoes for women, you will always exhibit a sense of fashion and responsibility.