Vegan heels

No matter if you are looking for classic elegance or sporty – NOAH has vegan heels for every occasion. These classic women’s shoes belong in every wardrobe and can be worn with pants, skirts and dresses. The heels are made from high-quality vegan microfibers as well as rubber and cork. It makes them comfortable without forgoing timeless design.

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Precious classics: vegan heels

High heels are the classics among women’s shoes. A wide cutout showing the instep is typical and visually elongates the leg. This type of shoe is generally closed, with the exception of strap shoes that are open in the back and attach across the heel with a closer. NOAH offers two vegan high heel models with straps: “Gaia” – made from microsuede and available in a warm beige, dark blue and classic black – is especially comfortable due to its low heel. “Annette” comes in red and in black. Because of its eight centimetre heel, this strappy shoe goes well with elegant skirts or dresses. NOAH’s vegan heels come in different styles and the different size heels make them so versatile: from elegant stilettos to trendy wedge and classic trouser shoes, we offer the perfect addition to every outfit.

Elegant and fashionable: vegan heels

In addition to our classic and elegant models, NOAH also offers vegan heels that are quite the eye-catcher. Our “Linda” attracts attention because of subtly lacquer elements placed at the heel, as well as the front and back of the shoe. This model is available in black, beige and red and can be worn just as well with an elegant suit, as with washed out jeans. “Camilla” is an elegant shoe with a low heel and a delicate mesh insert. The wedge shoe’s highlight is its large decorative bow, which (just like the rest of the shoe) is made from microsuede and looks just like regular suede. Those who prefer a small Cuban heel but don’t want to miss the pretty bow can choose our “Alice.” Both models are playful and romantic, while remaining fashionable and elegant. “Viviana” is an original micronappa ballerina shoe with an adjustable decorative closer. Especially elegant is “Valentina”: padded with microfibers, the shoe enchants with its v-shaped cutout and delicate golden bow with rhinestones. The “Chiarella,” “Chira” and “Corinna” are fashionable trouser shoes with decorative and elastic liners. So no matter if you want classic fashion or sporty elegance – NOAH has the perfect vegan high heeled shoe for every occasion.

Vegan heels: Italian chic meets sustainability

Our vegan heels are also made in Italy. The experienced designers of our classic vegan women’s shoes benefit from cultural know-how and shoemaking skills passed on over generations. Through regular visits, we ensure fair working conditions at all our hand-picked manufactories. The shoes are made from premium-quality microfibers like micronappa and microsuede, as well as rubber and cork. These materials are light, breathable and comfortable. They are also free of toxins, long-lasting and water-resistant. In terms of quality and aesthetics, NOAH’s vegan shoes are by no means inferior to leather shoes, but help avoid animal cruelty. They are proof that stylish designs, high-premium craftsmanship and excellent quality can be achieved without using animal products – they are the perfect combination of Italian fashion and sustainability. Quality standards are important – the label “made in Italy” is a seal as well as a promise of quality. NOAH’s vegan heels let your feet get a taste of the Italian attitude to life and meet even the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, quality and sustainability