Vegan sneaker for the sporty-sustainable outing

NOAH’s vegan sneakers for women ensure a sporty and responsible appearance and round up any casual look. Our sporty models are made from exclusive vegan materials and are hand-made in small series. They are comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Our sneakers are more than casual shoes – they are a sporty alternative to lace-ups and heels.

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Vegan sneakers for women

Sneaker lovers no longer need to accept animal cruelty! NOAH’s vegan women’s sneakers are made with soft microsuede, cushion every step, support the foot and the rubber sole provides solid hold. The inner sole is produced from cork and is removable. Our vegan sneaker model for women is called “Dominique,” and comes is three timeless colours – dark blue, black and taupe. Together with a pair of casual jeans, the vegan sneaker completes the sporty, informal look. But the shoes can also be worn with slim-cut trousers, especially if the ankle is still showing. If worn with a dress or a skirt, our vegan sneaker breaches style and becomes a true fashion statement. Fact: the lighter the textiles and the higher the sole, the more eye-catching the sneaker. Moreover, our shoes are extremely comfortable. The microsuede we use is a vegan material that is water-resistant, breathable and free of toxins, but looks like true suede leather. NOAH’s vegan women’s sneakers guarantee a sporty-sustainable appearance.

Vegan women’s sneakers from microsuede

Our vegan sneakers for women are made from microsuede in small Italian manufactories. The faux leather consists of woven synthetic fibres, making it look like real suede. But the microsuede fibres are a lot finer – even finer than human hair – are easier to clean and water- as well as dirt-resistant. For the production, we only use materials with a high percentage of recycled content and that are free of toxins, and we pay attention to sustainability and resource conservation during the manufacturing process. We also monitor working and trading conditions on a regular basis to ensure fairness and transparency and contribute to limiting environmental damages and animal cruelty. Our quality seal “made in Italy” is also a promise – our vegan women’s sneakers are the product of true craftsmanship down to the last detail, as our small series production brings together the traditional art of shoemaking and stunning design. That makes our shoes especially durable. These Italian beauties are a true friend – and not just during leisure time. With NOAH’s vegan sneakers for women, you always wear a piece of Italian quality of life – a true “dolce vita.”

A true allrounder: vegan sneakers for women

NOAH’s vegan sneakers for women are more than your ordinary casual shoe. They are available in dark blue, black and taupe – timeless colours that work well with jeans, as well as slim-cut trousers and skirts. That makes the sneaker a true allrounder. They are a welcome alternative to airy sandals, sturdy boots or chic ballerinas at any time of year. They are a trendy accent and fashionable statement without harming animals or fellow human beings. With NOAH’s vegan sneakers you not only treat yourself, but also the environment. They are an expression of a responsible lifestyle. And the “sneak”ers live up to their name. They are comfortable to wear and the outer rubber and removable inner cork soles have a damping effect, cushioning every step. Our vegan women’s sneakers are elegant and perfectly combine aesthetics with ethics and quality, making NOAH’s vegan sneakers for women sporty and chic at the same time.