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Why no leather?

Meat and leather production go hand in hand. The skin of animals is the “economically most important product of the meat industry”. Each year about 230 million cattle, 350 million sheep, 175 million goats and 700 million pigs are butchered because of their meat and their skin.

49% of the annual worldwide corn crop and 90% of the annual worldwide soybeans crop are consumed by 20 billion livestock. This means that with a corn crop of 2,23 billion tons and a global population of about 6,4 billion humans, each person could be provided with 957 gramme of corn - were not half of the corn fed to animals.

The destruction of land

Livestock breeding is by far the greatest utilizer of land on this earth. Pastureland takes over 29% of the ice-free surface of the earth; 33% of the whole expanse of arable farming is used for the production of fodder. All in all livestock breeding takes up 70% of the entire land used for farming, and 30% of the surface of this planet.

In the U.S.A. livestock breeding is responsible for 55% of the erosion of earth, for 37% of the use of pesticides, as well as 50% of the use of antibiotics.

90% of the destruction of tropical rain forests is due to intensive livestock farming.

The environment and world-wide hunger

It is quite certain that the production of alternative materials doesn’t pollute the environment by any means as much as in the case of the different courses of animal-husbandry and the production of leather.

For the manufacturing of micro fibres, for example, the necessary materials are simply brought together.

The lengthy procedures of ”soaking”, “the removal of hair and flesh”, of “splitting”, of staining” and the tanning of the skin with the relevant chemicals and the enormous consumption of water cease to apply. Also excluded are the many immensely harmful effects of intensive livestock farming on our environment. If we human beings reduce our consumption of meat and leather, then the guideline comes into force that “the rich man’s cattle no longer eat the bread of the poor man”.

This means that on the half hectare of pasture land needed to feed one cow for the period of one year in order that it provide 300 kg of eatable meat, a crop of 3.000 kg of corn or 20.000 kg of potatoes might be harvested. This means: there would no longer be worldwide hunger.


It is also certain that the billions of animals still forced to eke out a life of miserable existence, and that at the end of their young and sorrowful being they will be slaughtered, then they will, at last, find relief. There will also not be so many “economically useful animals” because they will not be artificially established as meat and leather production-machines. Which also means:  less production of methane gas = less greenhouse effect.

Our responsibility – our vision.

These are but a few relevant facts, briefly touched on. But they are fundamental and comprehensive aspects of human existence, which apply to all of us because we live on this wonderful planet named earth, and – whether we accept it or refuse it – have to take mutual responsibility for it.

For us all these aspects are important, and with our activity, we want to fulfil our contribution so that there will be a change in this world. Our vision is a world in which human beings, nature and animals may live in mutual respect and peace with one another, and in which each one shares happiness with the other.

The beauty, the harmony of colour and form, and the wellbeing of humans are of equal importance to us. It is well-known that in Italy the art of shoe-making has already reached its peak, and is, therefore, valued world-wide. And that is the reason why we have chosen Italian Firms to make the beautiful and, at the same time, comfortable shoes for us, out of high quality and leather-free materials. You can try out the results for yourselves: elegant and casual shoes, boots and ankle boots for every day and every occasion.

Think about it: just one small step and you can tread more light-footedly and with more love for animals throughout the world – with vegan shoes from NOAH!    

Information: PETA

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