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Vegan shoes

Vegan shoes

Three reasons to choose NOAH vegan shoes

NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes stands for high-quality, handcrafted products made from durable, vegan materials. This means that absolutely no animal products are used anywhere in their production. Each of the many steps that go into making our women’s, men’s and unisex collections are done so under fair working conditions, with care for the environment and animals. Many of our shoes are made by hand in small batches.

Our shoes are 100% vegan PETA certified

NOAH prioritises conscious consumption and supports sustainable shopping. Our shoes fuse beauty with ethical choices, even our sales department in Germany puts the environment, people and animals first.

Vegan Men's Shoes
Vegan men's shoes
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Vegan women´s shoes
Vegan women's shoes
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Vegan unisex shoes
Vegan unisex Shoes
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  1. Sale Black
    Flavio nappa
    €249.00 €319.00
  2. Sale Red
    Vegan slip
    €79.00 €129.00
  3. Sale Black
    Vegan mule
    €79.00 €129.00
  4. Sale Taupe
    Tamara Suede
    Vegan mocassin
    €109.00 €156.00
  5. Sale Beige
  6. Sale Red
    Tamara Razza
    Vegan moccassin
    €109.00 €156.00
  7. Sale Black
    Vegan mule
    €81.00 €135.00
  8. Sale Taupe
    Giorgia Suede
    Vegan lace
    €99.00 €149.00
  9. Sale Blue
    Vegan slip on
    €99.00 €199.00
  10. Sale Blue
  11. Sale Blue
    Vegane slip
    €89.00 €109.00
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Items 73-84 of 100

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Made in Italy quality vegan shoes

Our wide range of certified vegan shoes means that our customers don’t have to compromise on the latest trends to support sustainable fashion and enjoy cruelty-free products. Customers can choose from office-ready business shoes, elegant slippers, lightweight casual footwear, elegant women’s shoes, solid boots and sporty sneakers – there’s something for every conscious customer. The shoes are made in selected Italian workshops using traditional craftsmanship under fair working conditions and are tested against the highest quality standards.

Hypoallergenic and vegan materials with high percentage of recycled fibres

We use high-quality vegan materials made from a high percentage of recycled products e.g. soles. Micronappa and microsuede are two staple materials in our production. They are high-quality microfibre materials and similar to nappa and suede leather, respectively. They are extremely comfortable to wear, durable and suitable in all weathers. They are both hypoallergenic and free from toxic substances. Customers love the feel of wearing them and also the fact that they are sustainably produced. Vegan shoes from NOAH are an innovative alternative to the classic leather shoe and have already won many awards.

NOAH sales quality guarantee

Our shoes meet the highest standards and provide your feet with constant comfort. They maintain the overall well-being of your feet by giving support and protection from sharp-edged objects. Luxury for your feet – investing in a pair today will be totally worth it. When you buy NOAH shoes we want to make your shopping experience as friendly and sustainable as possible. Our promise to you: quick and reliable delivery and climate neutral NOAH online shop powered by Hetzner with 100% green electricity to keep our ecological footprint low. Some of our selected boutiques only sell sustainable products.

A balanced approach to environmentally friendly vegan shoes: stitches instead of glue

All materials used in our production are lightweight, durable, breathable, water repellent and hypoallergenic. No leather or any animal products are used during production, rather we choose to use plant-based or synthetic materials.

Where possible we avoid using any glue in our production. Although stitching is more time consuming, it certainly lasts longer. Should we ever need to use glue then, of course, we use a vegan one. The insoles are made from either microfibre based materials or cork and the soles are mostly made from biodegradable natural rubber or recycled rubber. The reason not to use any leather in our production extends beyond our vegan values, as by not using any animal products in our shoes we are also doing our part for climate change mitigation. Additional areas important to our work is the reduction of CO2 emissions, soil protection by avoiding all toxic substances in production and fair trade wherever possible. Our high-quality treatment of top-class materials ensures an elegant end product.

Handcrafted under fair-working conditions in Italy

Our women’s, men’s and unisex shoes are made with great attention to detail in selected Italian workshops under fair working conditions. We regularly check in on them to see that their conditions remain fair. Each shoe is handcrafted by a series of procedures, in some cases that can be up to 400 different steps. Made in Italy represents the highest quality and is an integral part of NOAH’s brand. Experienced shoemakers have passed down generations of culture, style and skill and they put it all into the shaping and forming of NOAH vegan shoes.

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