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Vegan women´s shoes

Vegan shoes for women made in Italy

NOAH’s vegan shoes for women are available in all shapes and colours. No matter if you are looking for something elegant or sporty – our shoes are made from sustainable materials, are handcrafted and meet the highest design standards. “Dora,” our vegan ankle boot won the “Vegan Fashion Award 2014” in the category “Best Women’s shoe.” Our vegan shoes for women are a classy alternative to leather footwear.

Vegan women's shoes

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  1. Sale Isabella
    Vegan slip
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  2. Sale Virginia Nappa
  3. Sale Letizia Nappa
    Letizia Nappa
    Open sandal
    €79.00 €99.00
  4. Sale Nora
    Vegan platform pump
    €79.00 €159.00
  5. Sale Camilla
    Vegane slip
    €54.00 €109.00
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    Mia Razza
    Vegan flat
    €49.50 €99.00
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Beautiful vegan women’s shoes

The large selection of vegan ladies’ shoes – ranging from elegant pumps, beautiful lace-up shoes and ballerinas to cute sandals, hip boots and sporty foot wear – makes every woman’s heart beat faster. Employing premium craftsmanship, sustainable modes of production and exclusive vegan materials, NOAH shoes prevent animal suffering and reduce environmental damages. And our shoes are fashionable. The “Dora” ankle boot was even awarded the “Vegan Fashion Award 2014” by PETA Germany, in the category of “Best Women’s shoe.” The award was issued in a total of twelve categories judged on design, material innovation and animal-friendliness. We use only vegan materials with a high percentage of recycled content for our women’s shoes. These include micronappa, a microfibre that looks like nappa leather, and microsuede, which is similar to suede leather. The materials are extremely comfortable, long-lasting, water-resistant and defy all weather conditions. They are also free of toxins and hypoallergenic. In terms of quality and aesthetics, NOAH’s vegan women’s shoes are second to no leather shoe.

Vegan women’s shoes with an Italian flair

Our vegan ladies’ shoes are traditionally handcrafted in small series in selected Italian manufactories. The entire production process takes place there – from the production of the microfibres to the finished shoe. NOAH’s vegan women’s shoes are designed and crafted by experienced Italian shoemakers, who have learned and perfected their trade over generations. The manufacturing process is sustainable and we conserve resources. We attach importance to the quality of our products – “made in Italy” is key to our company philosophy and our commitment to quality. Women will feel it when slipping on their vegan ladies’ shoes. We completely forego the use of leather and animal products. Our vegan ladies’ footwear is stitched and rarely glued. If we do, we use plan-based and/or synthetic products. On top of the outer textiles micronappa and microsuede, NOAH uses microfibres and cork for the inside soles and natural rubber for the outside.

Vegan women’s shoes – beauty meets comfort

Morality isn’t the only reason we make vegan women’s shoes. Our sustainable mode of production helps protect climate and environment. Fair trade is also a given. It is our part in catering to the growing demand of increased transparency and responsibility. Beauty, harmonizing colours and shape play in important role in our design process and our shoes demonstrate the finest craftsmanship down the last detail. Our vegan ladies’ shoes are proof that elegance, high-premium production and excellent quality can be achieved without using animal-based materials. Instead, our women’s footwear is a modern interpretation of traditional shoemaking. NOAH complies with fair working conditions and uses sustainable materials, making the shoes the perfect encounter of beauty, style, quality and responsibility. NOAH’s vegan ladies’ shoes “made in Italy” give feet a touch of Italian flair and are both a luxurious and a rewarding investment. They are an expression of stylistic confidence fit for every occasion– no matter if you’re headed to a soiree, a business meeting or to enjoy some time off. Whether you choose a sporty or elegant look, NOAH’s vegan ladies’ shoes fulfill even the highest of demands and are an innovative and visually appealing alternative to leather shoes.

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